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Please note: On March 3, 2022, the building Shelly's Playhouse and Rising Stars resides in had a devastating fire. With that said, after two weeks of working many hours to get the Tappan Reform Church parlor and nursery room up to code, we were able to continue to offer care in that space. The address there is 35 Kings Highway Tappan New york. It is directly across the street from the original space. The children acclimated without any hesitation. My staff did everything to maintain a safe, loving educational program. Needless to say, we all thrived. Moving forward to Fall 2022, we will still hold care at that location. We have been advised that our old location at 32 Old Tappan Road, Tappan NY will have finished the renovations by November, As long as there are no further delays with permits and building supplies, we should be back in our space by December. Either way, we are ready, willing and able to continue to offer care. If you would like to request a tour of that location, please call. We have availability starting July 25th.

What are we all about: Over 32 years in business!
Do you need before and after school care for your child? Perhaps you are looking for a nursery school... Then look no further! 
* We Welcome School-Age Kids, Morning and Afternoon

*Full day and half day care, school closings, delays and holidays care 
Our before- and after-care programs go well beyond homework help. We support all your childrens needs.  We give each child the space, encouragement, and materials they need to follow their dreams. Whether they want to be a leader of a group game, start a drama club, build a block tower, or create a craft using recycled materials, we are here to support their desire.  No matter where their talents take them, we create a positive, happy and healthy environment by providing games, STEM projects, creative arts, and plenty of playtime to keep kids happy, bright, and stimulated every day.

​No start up or membership fees
Shelly's Playhouse is a  fully insured and NY state licensed care center in Tappan NY. 

Transportation Provided Door to Door by South Orangetown School district. We greet the children everyday, and walk them safely into our facility. 

* New as of July 2021 Rising Stars Nursery School

Shelly's "PLAY" House