Before and After care

We have 3 am spaces

 and 9 PM 

Shelly's "PLAY" House



                                                                                          Lucky Us!

* We are open at 7:00AM each day

* Pick up and drop off is provided by SOCSD Buses  

* My staff will be there to escort your kids safely on or off their bus  

Included in your tuition:

* AM care: Breakfast for those that need or desire it

* Crafts, Games, quiet space if they need to do any homework or reading

* Out door play weather permitting 

* Indoor group games and yoga

* PM care: healthy snacks and drinks

* Homework assistance

* Computers available for the kids to use to complete their homework
* Weather permitting, we spend our free time outside on the playground.  On colder. rainy days we have both organized and unstructured play options such as  crafts, cooking, STEAM activities, games and so much more.

Holiday gatherings: We are always up for a party! We do special events, activities and parties at no extra cost to you. We aim to make your child's time with us, memorable. We want you to feel like you are part of an extended family as a member of Shelly's Playhouse:) 

Our closing time each day is 6:30PM, but occasionally things happen and we have some flexibility and options for those that expect to be later

Call us for more information!  845-548-1857