Hours: Full day 8:00-6:00 

Fee: Members: $65.00 per day

Fee Non-members: $75.00 per day

Half day: 1:00-4:00 See prices above

Children enrolled in full day care will do the project above at no extra cost. 
Included in the fee  is breakfast and lunch plus snacks. 
Half day children will receive a snack and a drink
Spaces are limited and must be paid in full upon enrolment. 
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Please note: If your child is absent from any reserved day, the fee is non refundable. 

February 21st: Marbled Jewelry holders: $18.00 per child: We are repurposing some leftover nail polish today and creating an amazing marbled technique. The kids can choose one of our animal ring holders or plates and design their own jewelry or trinket holders. If they have a water bottle, phone case or a cup at home that they want to try it on, more power to them:) We will marbleize it all!

February 20th: Sweet and sassy truffle snowmen:$20.00 per child:  Today we will play with Frosty and create 4 snowmen truffles to take home and devour!

$18.00 per child

Shelly's "PLAY" House



February 19th: Cork Board Art:$20.00 per child: Don't you just love when your child's artistic visions come to life! Each child will create their very own design using string and push pins. They can hang it up at home and use it as a post- it reminder board:)

$18.00 per child

Holiday/School Break care
When most schools and care programs are closed for the holidays, we are open.

​​​​​​ Check out what we did during February Break 
Stay tuned for 2021 holiday break programming 

$20.00 per child.

$20.00 per child

Shelly's Calendar for 2021-2022

Shelly’s is closed
September 16

Columbus Day October 11

Veterans Day November 11
Thanksgiving November 25 and 26

Christmas: December 24

Martin Luther: January 17

Spring recess: April 11-15

Memorial Day: May 30

School ½ Days:

 I am open and will provide lunch if a child did not eat in school.

November 5th Superintendent Conference

December 10th Superintendent Conference

March 18th   Superintendent Conference

May 27th Superintendent Conference

June 20-24 Modified schedules early release  

School is closed I am open:

I am willing to provide care  as long as I have 8 children enrolled on these school breaks

December 27- 31: December Recess

February 21- 25: Mid-Winter Recess

Important: NY State requires that we maintain documentation (such as emergency contact cards, immunizations, etc.) for each of our children.  Even if they only come once in a while.  If you are not currently enrolled and would like to use Shelly's Playhouse for drop in or back up care, please add this link to our web browser to access Emergency Medical form:Click Here

$25.00 per child

February 17th:  $18.00 per child: Canvas string art graffiti photo holder:
We will start with doing a spray and wash technique to create the back
ground of the photo holder. Than create a few pictures to add to this masterpiece

February 18th: Snow man explosion! $25.00 per child: We will get our Frosty on
while making a Stacked reusable Snowman jar. Each child will decide what
they want to put it them.

      Choose; Hot cocoa, gingerbread or chocolate chip cookie mix.