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Badge workshops for Girl Scouts

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These are two hour workshops held at our location. They are highly interactive, the girls will learn something new, challenge themselves to try new things. In the end, they will surprise you with what they learned. Finally, they will be ready to change our world and make it a better place!
Cost $15.00 per girl with a minimum of 10 per workshop. The patch is included If you do not have 10 girls, feel free to ask another troop to join in. I can always help you find troops to join you as well. When you are ready to reserve your workshop, please go to the registration bar above and register your troop. You will receive an email with possible dates to hold your workshop. 

Daisey Workshop: Red Petal Courageous and Strong: A role playing workshop
Participation in this fun and creative workshop will enable girl’s grades k-1 to earn the Courageous and Strong petal.
The children will listen to Tula’s story and watch puppets perform it. Then they would make puppets to resemble the characters in the story. After they would be read the story and prompted to say what their character would say in the story. Pictures would be taken of the child and added to a book that would be entitled Women and Girls who are courageous and strong. In that book we will briefly discuss those women and then discuss with the children how they are so courageous and strong to go on stage and perform in front of an audience.

​Daisey Workshop: Daisy Board Game Design Challenge- STEM Goal: Create a board game and learn about being an inventor! This very interactive workshop will take your Daisey girl scout on a journey from learning about games of the past to inventing their very own playable board game! They will become an engineer as they construct an actual spinner to get them around the boar. What works? Why some did not. Each child will go home with a mini game.

Brownie workshop: Move to the Beat: A Dance Workshop
Participation in this lively two-hour theatre/dance workshop enables girls in grades 2 and 3 to earn their Dancer Badge. Learn about the history of dancing through the ages by seeing pictures and a video of a dance performance involving dancing through the decades. Listen to a variety of music styles as you warm up your body from your head to your toes. Learn some dance steps and rehearse them together with other Brownie Girl Scouts. Put all the steps together to create a short routine. Interpretive dance can be used to tell a story. Choreograph your own short dance to illustrate a story that you want to tell and perform it for the others. Then discover if you have revealed your story through dance by listening to the feedback of audience members.

Brownie workshop: Making Games: Creative Play
You can have fun without a computer, a deck of cards, or even a ball. Games are everywhere when you use your imagination to make them up! Sign up for this badge and watch your girls have the time of their lives. We will start off with a simple mystery circle game. Then they will design their very own board game. They will become the instructors and tell the other team how to play their game. While one team plays team A’s game, the other plays my giant Candy Land game. I make up the rules, they are the pieces and they get to go around my game board. If they land on any of my special candy symbol squares, they get to take a piece of that candy to eat. In the end they will land on my Smore bog and make and eat their very own Smore. After they play once, then it’s their turn to make up the rules to my game. 

Junior Workshop: Playing in The Past: Portrait Gallery Comes Alive: Famous Women of the Past
Participation in this two-hour workshop enables Junior Girl Scouts in grades 4 and 5 to earn their
There are so many remarkable women who lived before us. Select from a list of women we provide to you and decide which person interests you. Will you become Annie Oakley, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart or Juliet Gordon Low. You will then portray that person at one of three stages of their lives; child, middle aged and senior citizen.
Write a monologue about a day in the life of the famous person at different stages of her life. If there is something she felt strongly about, be her speech writer and write a passionate plea for what she stands for. Select a costume and some accessories and props that are appropriate for your character and dress up.
Then perform your monologue or speech in front of an audience of troop leaders. Discuss together the time period and places that each of the women lived in and what life was like in the past.

Cadette workshop: Public Speaker badge: Stage presence: Finding your inner performer
They call it stage presence: the ability to be yourself and make a connection with people on a single level or in a crowd. If you are comfortable, so is your audience. A great presenter’s talent for conveying there points clearly and powerfully is useful everywhere, not just in politics or on a stage. Words are only part of a performance. It is how you deliver your speech or monologue that will capture the audiences’ attention or lose it completely. In this workshop, learn the basic skills of speaking loudly and clearly with inflection and confidence. Using effective body movement and having a focal point help make your speech or monologue successful and engaging to an audience.

Select a character's biography from our collection at the theatre. Write a monologue or speech. Practice it with a partner and perform it during the last 20 minutes of the workshop in front of troop leaders and parents. We will include props and costumes if they choose to use them to enhance their performance.

Journeys for Junior and Cadettes: 
They are fun, interactive, fast passed and in the end the girls will come away feeling good about themselves! They will be ready to do their take action project and make a difference in our world!
The cost per girl for these workshops is $25.00 per girl
10 girl minimum. It includes everything, (Except the patches) they will need to complete this journey as well as a snack and a certificate of achievement from Shelly's "PLAY" House 

Junior: aMUSE Journey
Exploring new roles and busting stereotypes are just two of the activities Juniors enjoy on the aMUSE Journey. Whether it’s role-playing, speaking to actors about their characters, or starting a “mix-it-up” day to meet new classmates, girls develop increased confidence and inspire others. Girls will complete the aMUSE journey and earn the three awards at the completion of the series: Reach Out, Speak Out and Try Out. This series has a heavy focus on storytelling and theater and would work great with girls who are outgoing and energetic. As for the shy or reserved we will get them out of their comfort zone and get them to love being on our stage.  In the end they will all be more powerful, feel confident and will be ready to make our world a better place! 

Cadette: aMAZE Journey
The It’s Your World—Change It! Leadership Journey encourages girls of all ages to make the world a better place and make new friends along the way. Cadette's experience unique leadership and advocacy challenges and discover what it means to be a leader who makes a difference in the world. During the aMAZE journey the girls will be developing healthy relationships, navigating cliques, and moving beyond stereotypes as well as the twists and turns of Getting Along. Cadettes team up on various activities throughout the day to share their new friendship-building skills.

On this Journey, girls gain tips and strategies for creating healthy relationships and long-lasting friendships with the ultimate goal of increasing peace in the world around them. They will earn their Interact award as well as their Peacemaker award. We will use many activities to insight conversation, intern they may learn something about themselves as well as their fellow Girls Scouts. During the seven-hour day they are not being lectured but excited and challenged to go out of their comfort zone to participates in a variety of activities. These activities are specifically geared to make them think. The crafts are meant to inspire growth. We will even cook and this is to teach them about not being judgmental and to try something new. They will come out of this experience, enlightened, empowered and ready to continue their journey as powerful leaders.

At the end of the day, we will invite parents back to watch the skits the girls had created. You will see from the skits how much they learned and how prepared they are to use their skills and improve the world they live in.