We offer drop in: If a registered child is going to be absent, we can call you to offer you that spot for the day. Please fill out the registration form and we will send you the proper paperwork to enroll your child in our drop in care.

Our Mission:Summer camp is the perfect setting in which children can grow and flourish. At Camp Adventure, campers create lifelong friendships in a compassionate and accepting environment, while learning how to challenge themselves and gain self-confidence. 
Being a camper at Camp Adventure is an experience that one will always remember. Your children will look forward to each day with anticipation and excitement! We have created a warm and personable camp environment, where every child feels special. It has been our philosophy that each child would learn something new while having a blast doing so. The quality of our counselors , variety of activities, and small groups are the keys to happy and enthusiastic campers. Over the years we have developed a total program that is creatively planned to ensure  each child explores all of their talents. From our theater program to gardening to our recycled arts and crafts, the children have no time for plugged in play. Our  in house workshops, exciting special events; like our bake sale for charities and our weekly trips, encourages kids to embrace new experiences and learn new skills. While we have daily activities planned we are always looking to the children for new ideas .  Each day we encourage the children to come up with new activities for every camper to participate in. If they have an idea, we discuss it as a group and take their creativity to new heights. We develop a supply list, create rules and turn their ideas into reality! Our older kids have hand made games and activities and put together a carnival for our younger students. Some of our athletic children have spent the day teaching others a new skill. Our local teens come on site and show our children new crafts and games. We empower our campers so not to see them sitting around all day unenthused. Most days when parents arrive to pick their child up, they don't want to leave!  Some of these ideas have inspired our weekly camp themes . Camp Adventure allows the children's imaginations to take flight, interests are discovered, skill sets are improved, friendships are made, and campers can soar…
We are very proud of our program and are blessed to be able to inspire children. We are so excited to present our new themes for this year. We are looking forward to working with all our campers this summer! 

Shelly's "PLAY" House



Our camp offers:

*Opting in or out of any week or trip. Choose the ones you like.

* Included in your camp fee: daily breakfast, lunch and snack with nutritious choices available each day. 

*Each camper also receives a water bottle, backpack, lunch bag and Camp t-shirt!

*Daily swimming options, weekly trips and in house workshops, crafts, cooking and of course free play will give your kids plenty to do. 

*We have a beautiful playground with swings, rock climbing wall as well as a large sand box. We even raise funds for charity all while having a good time.

* Our facility is airconditioned, clean and above all the next best place to being at home. 

* Our staff are all adults, licensed by the state of New York. They have their CPR First Aid and have over 100 hours of various themed child development courses.
* Camp runs each week day from 8:00AM-6:30PM

​Cost: $195.00 per week per child


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Artful Antics:Fourth of July and beyond: June 29-july 3: If you love to be creative, then this week is for you. While thinking about July 4th we will create Sponge Splatter patriotic t-shirts and homemade red white and blue potato chips. Then we will journey to the world of decorations and create a recycled art 4th of July wreath and nature wind chimes. Next, we will take household items to create amazing salted designs, foam Soap pictures as well as make some homemade paint to take home. 

Kids Can Cook:Food Imposters July 6-10: Kids can cook! O yes, they can… this week is all about taking our favorite foods and turning them into something else. That's right… Can you take Chinese's noodles and turn them into spaghetti and meatballs that's good enough to eat? Perhaps you are a fan of burgers and fries but the neat treat is in what you use to make it sweet. We will learn how to create homemade modeling clay using marshmallows and make enough to take some home.  The mysteries will be uncovered in our week of Food imposters.  

Trip: Lunch and a movie: Movie TBA

Back to Nature:Keeping It real: July 13-17:  Are you ready to Nurture your sense of wonder and curiosity? Do you like to Sneak through the trees, explore insects, plants, and animals? Are you the type who likes to explore, and be adventurous, then this week is for you.With activities that help you to connect to nature, you will go on a few fun journeys through the woods, parks and in our kitchen! We will be making homemade Elderberry gummy bears, learning about animal adaptations as well as visiting a Butterfly sanctuary at Tenafly Nature Center. We will make recycled crafts and create a new version of your favorite meal; Chicken tenders, homemade ketchup and Fries. O and don't forget about dessert, we will make homemade frozen yogurt to die for! Getting back to Nature , going on hikes, looking for bugs we got it all this week. 

Trip: Tenafly Nature Center and Tallman Park cost TBD

Workshop: Homemade frozen yogurt with take home ice cream bowl and color changing spoon: TBD

Trip: Lee's Bees bee farm TBD 

Chopped: Beach bars and sand castles: July 20-24: Who doesn't like the beach! How about eating it, say whattt? During this session our junior bakers will play the game Chopped! We have 4 baskets that will be filled with beachy mystery ingredients. When the head chef says go, they will open the basket and create their best dish. We have added a twist to our game: instead of the usual appetizer, entrée and dessert, they will be instructed to create edible beachy foods, edible beachy scenes, even a beach themed food art craft.  Day one, we will give you a quick course in cooking, frying, chopping and dicing. Then let the games begin. Each day we will play until we have four winners. On the last day those chefs will create a day at the beach picnic lunch. The contestants who had played at the beginning of the week will be our judges in a blind taste test. So if you like to cook, love to eat then sign up to earn your bragging rights to becoming Camp Adventures Chopped champion. 

Bust and move: July 27-31: This week is all about getting our groove on, high adventures and having many choices when it comes to action packed activities. We Are going to set out on a week of building fun games for everyone to play. Included in our build are: Puppy dog race track and wacky water sport Obstacle course. We will play a culinary version of Candyland in which each player must first perform the action from the Bust and Move cards then race to the senses table to identify sweet treats using all their sense's.  You may choose to climb on extreme rock walls and even bounce around. The choice is yours. The sky's the limit this week as we play games that get you moving, go on adventures that spark your interest and just Bust and Move!  

Trip: You pick as many as you want your child to attend, we will take them😊

Paragon Gymnastics: $28.00 3 hours of bouncing, jumping, tumbling fun Launch Trampoline with snacks and drinks,

 High Exposure: $28.00 High Exposure: 2 hours includes; All Rock-climbing walls, urban gymnastic room, Ninja Warrior room as well as outdoor obstacle course with snacks and drinks

Bowling: $18.00 includes shoes two games lunch, snack and drinks

THE SKY TRAIL ADVENTURE: $25.00 includes 2 hours of Climbing, lunch, snack and a drink 

STEAM with Challenge Island: August 3-7: Today, more than ever, it is crucial to prepare our children to become future-ready and have the confidence to invent the world they want to live in. That’s why we are offering this fun interactive week of STEAM. Your children will tackle one component of the word STEAM each day. We will work with Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. We will be inviting “Challenge Island” to come on site and teach a two day  Super Hero workshop. Every child will make a costume, make a stuffed super hero as well as build super hero leers, catapults and a zip line. From building still and moving structures with KEVA and Cubetto to Cooking cookie houses … yes cooking, it will be an exciting week. When children learn to cook, they learn the science of food and nourishment; you learn to plan, measure, calculate, observe, predict and to use tools. With a few twists each day, your junior explorers are bound to have the time of their lives! 

Trip: Arena STEM mall TBD

Workshop: Challenge Island: Super Heros: $25.00

Cake Wars:Cake mania:  August 10-14: New this year we are going to play Cake wars!  Cake Mania is all about the many types of cakes we can create. From cupcakes to pancakes to cookie cakes and cakes 1 foot high; we will play the game and see who comes out on top!  That’s right we will work in teams baking and being judged. In the end only two teams will move on to bake a one foot high yummy themed cake. With the help of some campers who will create the stand, this will be a rocking good time.

 Workshop: How to make a animal shaped pancake: With take home, animal cutter, spatula and drip bottle TBD

All Chalked up:August 17-21: Let's chalk it up to being summer as we take one of our favorite mediums to create some amazing fun!It's all about the happy days of summer this week. We will dive right into making homemade chalk paint, molded chalk as well as one that glows in the dark, coooollll! And if that's not enough we will bake blackboard butter cookies with edible chalk. While we are at it, we will  get our lab coats on to do a series of experiments all with chalk. With plenty of take home items like our super king sized chalk stick, your child will have a chalked up, good time.

Trip: Splash Down Beach: cost to participate: $46.00 per child

Due to our current Corona Virus closings, I am updating my policy on refunds: If by summer we are instructed to close our camp, all families will receive a full refund. Please go ahead and pick your weeks to ensure you do have your spaces saved. With only 16 spaces per day, registering now, ensures you will have care for the summer. We currently have 6 children enrolled.
 If we are
not mandated to close, we will follow the refund policy listed in red below.
Camp must be paid in full upon enrolment Once we receive payment, we will send an email with the link to access the enrolment forms. NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED IN TO CAMP WITHOUT THIS PAPERWORK.

*********************Refund Policy: We do not give refunds
Exceptions: If we can sell your week, then we would. We would also consider a refund for medical purposes upon presentation of a physician’s certificate. If we have to cancel a week or a trip. In any of the cases listed we have up to 6 weeks to return you tuition.