Shelly's "PLAY" House



Thank you for stopping by our Camp Adventure info page!

I am very sorry to report but due to the fire Shelly's Playhouse had suffered in March, we are unable to offer summer camp this year. However, we will be back summer 2023! We will be bigger better and super pumped to offer your child the best summer camp experience possible! 

We offer drop in: If a registered child is going to be absent, we can call you to offer you that spot for the day. Please fill out the registration form and we will send you the proper paperwork to enroll your child in our drop in care.

Our Mission:Summer camp is the perfect setting in which children can grow and flourish. At Camp Adventure, campers create lifelong friendships in a compassionate and accepting environment, while learning how to challenge themselves and gain self-confidence. 
Being a camper at Camp Adventure is an experience that one will always remember. Your children will look forward to each day with anticipation and excitement! We have created a warm and personable camp environment, where every child feels special. It has been our philosophy that each child would learn something new while having a blast doing so. The quality of our counselors , variety of activities, and small groups are key to ensure happy and enthusiastic campers. Over the years we have developed a total program that is creatively planned to ensure  each child explores all of their talents. From our theater program to gardening to our recycled arts and crafts, the children have no time for plugged in play. Our  in house workshops, exciting special events; like our bake sale for charities and our weekly trips, encourages kids to embrace new experiences and learn new skills. While we have daily activities planned we are always looking to the children for new ideas .  Each day we encourage the children to come up with new activities for every camper to participate in. If they have an idea, we discuss it as a group and take their creativity to new heights. We develop a supply list, create rules and turn their ideas into reality! Our older kids have hand made games and activities and had together a carnival for our younger students. Some of our athletic children have spent the day teaching others a new skill. Our local teens come on site and show our children new crafts and games. We empower our campers so not to see them sitting around all day unenthused. Most days when parents arrive to pick their child up, they don't want to leave!  Some of these ideas have inspired our weekly camp themes . Camp Adventure allows the children's imaginations to take flight, interests are discovered, skill sets are improved, friendships are made, and campers can soar…
We are very proud of our program and are blessed to be able to inspire children. We are so excited to present our new themes for this year. We are looking forward to working with all our campers this summer! 

Our camp offers:

*Opting in or out of any week or trip. Choose the ones you like.

* Included in your camp fee: daily breakfast, lunch and snack with nutritious choices available each day. 

*Each camper also receives a water bottle, backpack, lunch bag and Camp t-shirt!

*Daily swimming options, weekly trips and in house workshops, crafts, cooking and of course free play will give your kids plenty to do. 

*We have a beautiful playground with swings, rock climbing wall as well as a large sand box. We even raise funds for charity all while having a good time.

* Our facility is airconditioned, clean and above all the next best place to being at home. 

* Our staff are all adults, licensed by the state of New York. They have their CPR First Aid and have over 100 hours of various themed child development courses.
* Camp runs each week day from 8:00AM-6:30PM

​Cost: $195.00 per week per child