Shelly's "PLAY" House



 Look how far we have come.
From my moms basement where we were known as "We Care Child Care"; to my current home where the name changed to "Loving Stages Preschool"; to today Shelly's "PLAY " House at the Manse barn, I have loved every minute of what I do!

Started out as infaint toddler care. Then we invited schoolage children. As we grew, so did the childrens needs, so I created a summer camp called "Camp Adventure". As  I saw the childrens love of acting and being creative I opened a theater program that children can truley do more then just learning lines and performing them. They became the writers, the stage hands, the choreopgraphers as well as our sound and  lights crew. Spotlight was such a blessing! It brought me such joy to see the sucess on stage and the creativity of our young children. I cant predict what the future holds for Shelly's but one thing is clear, I will always be here for any family in need of care for their children. 
Enjoy our slide show:)

Where did Spotlight Productions Childrens Theater go?

We are still here:) We have now merged with Shelly's "PLAY" House. 

While having the two businesses was super exciting, it had its challenges. Keeping up with two websites, two bank accounts and all that goes with running two businesses, was taking my time away from what I truly love; working with the children. To ensure my programs continue to be quality programs, that children love to participate in, I have decided not to continue hosting the two businesses but to merge them together. 

 When I created Spotlight I had  a vision of it being an extension of Shelly's "PLAY" House enrichment programs.  At that time, Shelly's had a small crew and we were able to combine the Spotlight kids with Shelly's without going over our numbers.  As of the fall 2019 we had sold out. We can only have a max of 20 kids per day and Spotlight children count in this number. This is another reason why we decided to merge the two programs and allow for less time managing two businesses and more time developing future enrichment programs; including theater. 

I am truly blessed that so many families have come into my life over the past 28 years I have been in business! Our community is amazing and your support has meant the world to me. I am so thankful to all of the families who have entrusted me with their beautiful children. Thank you one and all. I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!